Marvel Doctor Strange Coffee Mug

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Our Dr. Strange Sorcerer Supreme coffee mug features a photographic watercolor iteration of the good doctor as he presses his face against the "other side" of the mug. Wait. The "other side?" Yes, it seems Doctor Strange trapped himself between dimensions -- his only recourse is to attempt contact through one of several 'mug dimensions' existing throughout the Astral Plane. His first stop? Your mug. Why your mug? Because you drink coffee constantly. Like, the mug is always full and always within reach. Yes, this solid ceramic Dr. Strange mug featuring a dimensionally displaced Dr. Strange also features Stephen's hastily scrawled moniker. Why? What do you mean, "why"? He's trying like hell to get your attention, and apparently, his very cross look isn't getting the job done. He's really hoping you'll notice his name, and the word "help" floating immediately before said name.